Short-sighted goals are dangerous. With perception, creativity, experience and determination at our core, we challenge our partners to think expansively.


Aentib Group sees opportunities and solutions others often overlook. Why grow a business from $2m/year to $20m/year five years later when it could be $200m or more in five years. All too often the original modest goals are based on a presumed limitation of resources and a binary vision of the business – a box that management thinks it cannot climb out of.

We, on the other hand, are not intimidated by the challenges and find ways out of the box by:

tapping into new or novel resources learn

exploiting collaborations for new markets/uses

creating new geographic partnerships


All these leverage the core assets in a way not previously envisioned and help create exponential value. Learn more about our services.


At Aentib, we are constantly pushing our companies to stay in front – it is dangerous not to. The pace of disruption is accelerating so we see each day as Day 1.