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Our work with Executives and Entrepreneurs incorporates:

  • Realizing and helping to build the value of the business and identifying future opportunities for growth
  • Developing and implementing strategies for expansion, growth or acquisition
  • Setting business direction and planning, setting the stage for a variety of “exit strategies”, including IPO and M&A transactions
  • Obtaining access to new markets, assets, technologies, personnel, intellectual property, sources of financing
  • Restructuring the asset base of the business
  • Initiating and implementing sector “roll-up” strategies
  • Identifying new uses or applications of technologies or products and territory specific uses that leverage value beyond the initial targeted uses and territories,and accelerate value accretion to stakeholders

Our work with fund managers, investors and governments helps them navigate the complexity in:

  • Capitalizing current or new investment programs, growing and diversifying the LP base
  • Differentiating from peer funds via access to proprietary deal flows
  • Creating new investment solutions, including special purpose vehicles and off balance sheet financings
  • Conducting diligence on companies in specific sectors or geographies


We implement and execute deals by having in-place deep industry ties in a worldwide network of investors, business partners and advisors who we interact with on a regular basis and who have regularly invested with or alongside us.


Providing access and operational and strategic insight, which translates into more success and more growth, these relationships include sovereign wealth funds, ultra large institutions, governments, corporations, family offices.