We are founders, funders, entrepreneurs, merchant bankers, innovators and financial strategists, and partners for the long haul.


Aentib Leadership

 The Aentib Group’s dynamic, multidisciplinary team uniquely blends complementary experience in corporate/commercial/financing strategy and execution through the eyes of founders/owners. We have engaged in business globally and maintain an extensive network of ongoing relationships in Europe, Asia, South America, the Middle East and Israel with potential industry partners who can open new markets and territories, and investors such as sovereign wealth funds interested in bringing new technologies and products to their region. 


Mark Germain

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Jean Salomé

Co-Founder, Managing Director


The inspiration for Aentib Group started with conversations over 20 years ago between founding partners, Mark Germain and Jean Salomé. Their diverse personal and professional experiences converged upon a number of common themes and a shared passion for creating impactful economic and social value in the technology and healthcare sectors. 


The founders reflect their passion of empowering founders to maximize value and drive growth by turbo charging their businesses from start up to successful exits.



Advisory Board

Our members of the Advisory Board are leaders in healthcare, technology as well as investment. They are strategically based in Asia, Middle East, and Europe. 



Active Portfolio

Our portfolio is constituted by active investment programs independently managed by globally renowned general partners and companies we helped create, capitalize or nurture as board members or advisors to the senior leaderships.